Things that go Bump in the Night

Stretching throughout history it seems that all cultures have ghost stories. Many of these stories are parables, and were used to warn people of tragic outcomes to bad or immoral behaviour. Sometimes, stories of haunted areas were used to simply keep people away from those places.

Hauntings usually involve more than the appearance of a shape. Hauntings usually occur in a fixed location, often involve heightened unexplained activities. 

Some people report haunting activities as random events, while others say happenings tend to occur around specific dates.

One thing is clear. Whether or not you are a “believer” many people have experienced things that they cannot easily explain.

Do you have a story of a ghostly encounter? Maybe you know of a haunted area, or other paranormal activity

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Orbs at Old St. Josephs Hospital

Submitted by: Steve Ripley, Sudbury ON

Went on a late night ghost walk behind the now defunct St.Josephs hospital in Sudbury,ON. August 18/2013,brought 4 different digital cameras and 2 digital sound recording devices. One camera and one recorder were operated by my assistant while I took photos with 2 of 3 cameras(one failed) and did occasional EVP sessions over the course of an hour and a half.

My Brother's Out of Body Experience

Submitted by: Marg Seregelyi, Sudbury, ON

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When I was around 9 or 10, my sister and I went to visit friend's of my father's one evening. My brother (who is 2 years older than me) couldn't come because he was sick, so he stayed home with my mom.

When we arrived at my dad's friend's place, we were shown a very large spinning top. My sister and I played with it throughout the evening in the basement while my dad and his friends were upstairs.

As I was spinning the top, I looked up and saw my brother walk across the room, (wearing his pyjamas) from one bedroom to the next.

I thought this was odd, since I did not remember him coming with us.

I looked in both rooms and didn't see him. I asked my sister if she saw him, she said "no". I then went upstairs to look for my brother, told my dad I saw him.

An Unknown Entity in Sudbury's Flourmill

Submitted by: Ashley Cayer, Sudbury, ON

I lived in an apartment in the Flour Mill for four years, with my two children. From day one there was an overall uneasiness in the apartment. I chalked it up to just being alone in a new place. My eldest daughter who was 1 1/2 at the time would not sleep in either of the upstairs bedrooms. She would scream at the top of her lungs for hours, until I would take her out of the room. My youngest who was nearly 1 at the time appeared to be fine.

Flour Mill Sudbury, ON Canada

Every night once the girls were in bed, my youngest in one of the rooms upstairs and my oldest in my bed, I would hear what sounded like my youngest playing with her toys and moving her toddler bed. Night after night I would proceed to march up the stairs, request that she gets into bed and goes to sleep; and night after night she would be sound asleep! After the first little bit it didn't occur every night, but many nights throughout the week. Soon after moving in my eldest began to talk about/to someone/something named "Patty." We don't know anyone named Patty!

Strange Incidents in Elstow, Saskatchewan

Submitted by: Sheri Lowe

My cousin lived in an old farmhouse in the 80's near a small prairie town called Elstow in Saskatchewan. Her father owned and operated the hotel there during that time although it no longer exists today. My cousin was going to bartend at the hotel beverage room; her husband was working in Saskatoon, about 40 miles away. They could not believe their good luck when they found this place for rent at such a cheap price. It was an old house but not decayed like it is today.


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