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Sure, Northern Ontario has a long history of unexplained and scary events, but there's a big world out there, and a lot going on in other parts of the globe.

One thing the ParaNorthern team has found as we've scoured the web looking for stories, is that there are a lot of interesting and sometimes very funny stories out there.funny pictures, humorous pics, funny paranormal videos, prank scary videos, funny paranormal stories

So we thought we'd dedicate a section of the site and share them with you.

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Charlotte Diamond Sings "Sasquatch"

We saw this recently on

Charlotte Diamond sings SasquatchThis video was part of a CBC television special Charlotte Diamond filmed called "10 Crunchy Carrots" which won the  "Bronze Medal from the International Film & Television Festival, New York." You can find out more, and purchase the video collection by following this link to Charlotte's website.

Too many people take this kind of thing far too seriously.

It's for kids. It's fun. It teaches them to be adventurous, and respectful of nature.

Best part is. No Rick Dyer.

Watch the video below and feel free to leave a comment.

About: Ontario Sasquatch

Sometimes the best way to describe someone and what they do is to let them do it themselves.

Ontario Sasquatch - About Us Page

Ontario Sasquatch is a private, non-profit organization made up of independent researchers who are investigating the existence of sasquatch or bigfoot in Ontario.  We believe sasquatch exists and is a flesh and blood hominid that is well adapted to its habitat.

Ontario Bigfoot Hotspot

According to the Ontario Sasquatch website's Home Page, Ontario Sasquatch and Ontario Bigfoot /Ontario Wildlife Field Research have combined to form one organization. Their goal was to "unite researchers and enthusiasts province-wide and ensure(s) that our members are offered the highest level of accessibility to the latest sasquatch and wildlife activity throughout Ontario."

David Letterman Reports on Bigfoot in Washington State

On January 25, 1978, NBC ran a show called Peeping Times which was created by Barry Levinson and Rudy DeLuca. The show was basically a spoof of TV news magazine programs like 60 Minutes or 20/20.

One contributor on the show was Dan Cochran, better known as David Letterman.

Young David Letterman reports on Bigfoot in Washington State

In the video clip below, Letterman travels to Washington State in order to report on the legend of Bigfoot.

All we can say is wait for the ankle bracelet.

About: PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada

PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada

PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada is "a Canadian organization dedicated to the research, study and exploration of a diverse range of topics considered to be paranormal."

According to the History page of their website "PSICAN was created in March 2005 as a places for serious paranormal investigators and researchers to communicate and work together that all follow some basic principals in their efforts...

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Is This Photo Proof That Bigfoot & Humans Share A Common Ancestor?

Bigfoot researchers have long supposed that the legendary cryptid is a primate, and therefore related to modern humans.

Recently discovered photo examinations which originate from Shawnee, Oklahoma may hold an important clue.

William Bradley has long held an interest in Sasquatch. Himself a native of Shawnee, Bradley states that Oklahoma has long been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity.

Bradley claims to have multiple talents which have helped him discover the truth.

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When Hunting For Bigfoot, Look Up.
Way up.

Regular readers to ParaNorthern on Facebook or our website know that I am officially a Bigfoot skeptic. Even though I want to believe that a large primate inhabits the considerable wilderness of the North American continent, most of the so called evidence falls into the category of Bollocks. (Ask someone British.)

So when I read recently that some Sasquatch hunters are suggesting that we look to the tree tops for sleeping Bigfoot I laughed out loud. I could not picture something of the supposed mass of of this bipedal cryptid climbing a tree to get a good night's rest.

But then I saw this video.

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