Things that go Bump in the Night

Stretching throughout history it seems that all cultures have ghost stories. Many of these stories are parables, and were used to warn people of tragic outcomes to bad or immoral behaviour. Sometimes, stories of haunted areas were used to simply keep people away from those places.

Hauntings usually involve more than the appearance of a shape. Hauntings usually occur in a fixed location, often involve heightened unexplained activities. 

Some people report haunting activities as random events, while others say happenings tend to occur around specific dates.

One thing is clear. Whether or not you are a “believer” many people have experienced things that they cannot easily explain.

Do you have a story of a ghostly encounter? Maybe you know of a haunted area, or other paranormal activity

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Is Grandma Looking For Joan On Whittaker St. In Sudbury? - Updated

Is Grandma Looking For Joan On Whittaker St. In Sudbury? - Updated

Submitted by: Sarah May, Sudbury ON

My story relates to the house I lived in with my husband here in Sudbury Ontario.

I moved into the house in 2008 and was thrilled to be living in a 'house of my own'. I no longer felt that same happiness when I realized that we were sharing the house with the former owner's dead grandparents.

Call for Stories:

Ghost Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

A while ago, we found a piece of video that seemed to us to be an obvious fake.

But while many of our Facebook readers agreed, even more had stories and encounters that they wished to share with us.

Here's our original video and post: 

We're still convinced that the encounter shown in this video is a fake. It's actually pretty easy to do, and as soon as we don't feel creeped out using our own pets to show how it's done, we'll be very glad to show you. If anything, maybe it'll help cut down on the crap out there.

But so many people reached out to us to tell us their stories that we started thinking that there might be something to this.

ParaNorthern.ca - Haunted Places in Muskoka - Inn at the Falls - Bracebridge, Ontario - Stories of paranormal encounters, ghosts, spirits, UFO's, Bigfoot - Submit your story

Haunted Places In Muskoka - Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge

submitted by: the Overlord

What do the the following places have in common?

  • Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge, 
  • the Bala Bay Inn in Muskoka Lakes, 
  • the North Portage Inn and the Bigwin Inn in Lake of Bays, and
  • the Spence Inn located at Heritage Place in Huntsville. 

Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre's Helpful Ghost 

submitted by: Karri Pelikys - photos by her husband Stan Pelikys.

"It was January 2014, when my husband and I were at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre, staying with our son, who was in isolation for atypical pneumonia. Because we weren't patients, we often left his room to go to the main floor of the hospital to grab lunch.

One of these afternoons, we were walking back to his room and used the bank of elevators we usually use to take our lunch upstairs, in an older part of the hospital.  As we approached the elevators a woman around her 40's beat us to the punch and pushed the elevator to go up before we did.. so we waited in line directly behind her.  

Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre Elevators - A helpful ghost held the doors for parents at hospital with a sick child

Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre Elevators - A helpful ghost held the doors for parents at hospital with a sick child

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