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Ghost Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

A while ago, we found a piece of video that seemed to us to be an obvious fake.

But while many of our Facebook readers agreed, even more had stories and encounters that they wished to share with us.

Here's our original video and post: 

We're still convinced that the encounter shown in this video is a fake. It's actually pretty easy to do, and as soon as we don't feel creeped out using our own pets to show how it's done, we'll be very glad to show you. If anything, maybe it'll help cut down on the crap out there.

But so many people reached out to us to tell us their stories that we started thinking that there might be something to this.

Guess what? There just might be.

Honestly, we did not put much stock in these stories at first. We thought, as we had experienced ourselves, that this was wishful and comforting thinking. Nothing wrong with that, as long as its not being abused for someone else's gain.

Then we started to receive stories from people through the Submit Your Story link, and got a little more curious. 

There's not much to share from the stories. People wanted their names kept out of it, something that we always respect.

And most of the stories were very short on detail, essentially being anecdotal recounts of memories. Not that those should be discounted out right either.

But we received so many stories with similar accounts that we've begun to do a bit of research into the idea that the spirit or energy (whatever label you want to you use) of our pets might not leave us when they do.

As we do dig deeper into this topic, we are asking you to share your stories, photos and even sound or video with us.

Just Click This Link to tell us YOUR experience. 

We will be publishing stories and the research soon.

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