Things that go Bump in the Night

Stretching throughout history it seems that all cultures have ghost stories. Many of these stories are parables, and were used to warn people of tragic outcomes to bad or immoral behaviour. Sometimes, stories of haunted areas were used to simply keep people away from those places.

Hauntings usually involve more than the appearance of a shape. Hauntings usually occur in a fixed location, often involve heightened unexplained activities. 

Some people report haunting activities as random events, while others say happenings tend to occur around specific dates.

One thing is clear. Whether or not you are a “believer” many people have experienced things that they cannot easily explain.

Do you have a story of a ghostly encounter? Maybe you know of a haunted area, or other paranormal activity

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Intelligent Haunting - The Night My Mother Died

Submitted by: Sean Barrette, Sudbury Ontario

It's November 13th as I write this. My mother died nine years ago on this date.

Mom had stayed with us in Sudbury while receiving care for her cancer. Unfortunately, the treatments didn't work, her cancer spread, and the evening prior to the night she passed I had gone up to Kapuskasing to be with her in her final hours.

ParaNorthern - The Night My Mother Died

My wife had to stay in Sudbury to make some arrangements and was going to join me there as soon as she could.

My mother succumbed to her cancer surrounded by her family. I said my goodbyes, took a little while to soak it all in, and then called my wife.

Church Spirits - More Than A Reflection?

Submitted by: Sherri McEwen

I was out for an evening drive in McKellar, ON, through the back roads.

I came to a very old and vacant looking church at a fork in the road. I thought it was an interesting looking building for a photo-op.

Ghostly Reflexion in a McKellar, ON Church Window

I stopped, parked the car, walked around the building and snapped a few photos.

Orbs @ The Bell Estate 

Submitted by: Anonymous

I went to the Bell estate to do a preliminary ghost search, not expecting any activity when I got a couple of pictures that I have no explanation for. They have apparent orbs in the first of the pics, but no existing orbs in the second control shot taken within brief seconds of the first.bell-estate-130AM-022

The conditions were favorable and there were no insects or condensation on the surrounding trees that can explain any orb shaped objects to begin with. I have no explanation for the results but I remain open minded and wait for logical explanations of my findings on this subject.

The Blind River Glow

Submitted by: Mitch Ross, Sudbury, Ontario

In 2010, on our way back from a video shoot in Sault Ste Marie, we stopped in Blind River, Ontario for a coffee and to stretch our legs. There was an interesting sunset happening, and Tracey Sanders started snapping photos.

blind-river-glow-smWhen we looked at the photos later we saw this green glow in several of them.

Blind River, Ontario is an old Northern Ontario town, who's history is rich in stories of fur trading dating back to the 1780's, mining in the 1950's onwards and in the 1990's received continental recognition for a double murder that took place at a rest stop in the area. 

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