My Brother's Out of Body Experience

Submitted by: Marg Seregelyi, Sudbury, ON

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When I was around 9 or 10, my sister and I went to visit friend's of my father's one evening. My brother (who is 2 years older than me) couldn't come because he was sick, so he stayed home with my mom.

When we arrived at my dad's friend's place, we were shown a very large spinning top. My sister and I played with it throughout the evening in the basement while my dad and his friends were upstairs.

As I was spinning the top, I looked up and saw my brother walk across the room, (wearing his pyjamas) from one bedroom to the next.

I thought this was odd, since I did not remember him coming with us.

I looked in both rooms and didn't see him. I asked my sister if she saw him, she said "no". I then went upstairs to look for my brother, told my dad I saw him.

My dad insisted my brother was not with us because he stayed home. I insisted on searching the whole house to find him because i said he was here at the house. My dad was very embarrassed because his friends were insisting also that he was not there. I know I saw him and it bothered me because no one believed me.

As soon as I got home that night, I asked my mother if my brother was home. She said yes. I didn't believe her, so I looked in his room and he was sound asleep. Odd, I thought. I must be going crazy.

Years later when we were teenagers, my brother, sister and I and and some friends were telling ghost stories.

My brother proceeded to tell his story about that night he was sick and had an out of body experience. He remembered seeing me spinning the Top and kept trying to push me he said but his hand kept going through me because he was transparent.

I piped in and said "I saw you there!" We were both in shock. At that age I didn't even know what an out of body experience was.

We both remembered that night so clearly even now after forty years.

Status - Inconclusive 

"Writers within the fields of  parapsychology and occultism have written that OBEs are not psychological and that a soul, spirit or subtle body can detach itself out of the body and visit distant locations." -  Out-of-body experience - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Most stories of out-of-body experiences come from the point of view of the person claiming to have the experience. In her story, Marg says she witnessed her brother's experience. 

Researchers are very mixed on this topic, with explanations ranging from the psychological to the paranormal and all points in between. Sudbury, Ontario's own Dr. Michael Persinger has done extensive research on the phenomenon. 

To date, the issue out-of-body experiences remain unresolved.

Here is some more information on the subject:

Dr. Michael Persinger's research summarized on Wikipedia

YouTube Video - Michael Shermer Out of Body Experiment - out of body experiences - featuring Dr. Persinger

Out-of-Body Experiences: In Search of the Truth by Graham Nicholls 


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