Investigation: Unrested Spirits of the Red Mill

Recently, we've begun making contact with other ParaNormal website owners and Facebook administrators. It's our goal to share information on what other teams are doing, from around the world, with the fair and balanced view our followers have become accustomed to.

One of our new contacts is Steve Galante of Visual Paranormal Investigations. He has given ParaNorthern permission to share and write a review of some of the their videos. You can follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

Steve described Visual Paranormal Investigations' approach in a followup Facebook message: "We do documented investigations for an internet network. We give the history of the location we are about to investigate and try to show a balance view of the evidence we may capture. We show a little of where we get nothing and where we are able to record relevant responses to e.v.p. sessions, Spirit box and Ovilus sessions. Our main interest is in documenting exactly what happens during our nights investigation. We have captured a number of unexplainable light anomalies on infrared video - not dust or bugs. We have also been able to capture what appears to be a shadow figure on a thermal still camera."

The ParaNorthern team have watched a few of their videos, and like their approach. Historical information on the location is presented through narration and interviews, as well as a history of claimed paranormal activity.

In this video, the Visual Paranormal Investigation team look for evidence of unexplained events at the Red Mill Village Museum located in Clinton, New Jersey

Through different points of the video the team uses a variety of digital devices to capture sounds which appear to answer questions. At other times, such as at the Red Mill Village Museum schoolhouse, some of the answers are very random, and almost seem to make no sense.

However, there are several times where names are clearly mentioned, and even what appear to be orbs are caught on video as they move between investigators. The Visual Paranormal Investigations team is careful not to make direct claims, and try to find other explanations for the orbs. 

Frankly, we found it difficult listening to the sounds coming through the Spirit Box. But during an EVP session in the Red Mill Village Museum General Store, when Steve misidentifies what a female voice said, and is correct by a different, stronger male voice, it is well worth waiting for. There is also a point where a voice appears to say "Leave."

Eventually the voices and activity becomes a bit more hostile. At the end of the video, while using an Ovilus, "an electronic speech-synthesis device which utters words depending on environmental readings, including electromagnetic waves," (Wikipedia) investigators are sworn at. Some critics of the device claim that the words spoken by the Ovilus come as the result of random electronic discharges, but what was said seemed pretty clear to our ears. At any rate, this is the point when the team called it a night.

Status - Unexplained

First of all, we are taking the Visual Paranormal Investigations team on their word that these videos are not hoaxes. 

What you will find with this video is a balance between no responses, and encounters with something. Several somethings to be exact. Is this some sort of encounter with the spirits of people who've passed on, or is there some other explanation. We're not sure, and neither is the Visual Paranormal Investigations team, as they only claim to have experienced events they could not explain themselves.

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