UFO videos from around the world: March 2013

Written by: The Overlord

This month in ParaNorthern,  the YouTube flying object video we're showcasing was compiled and uploaded by the group at AnonymousFO.com.

For those interested in UFO'sAnonymousFO.com provides a substantial amount of video based Unidentified Flying Object content, news and links to UFO related information from around the world.

Their website provides this description of what they offer, "AnonymousFO.com is mainly a video based organization with a mission to spread the knowledge on the UFO phenomenon. Frequently updated throughout each week, AnonymousFO.com is a brilliant and trustworthy source of information to get your fill on the latest and greatest UFO encounters."

We didn't find March's selection of unidentified flying object video clips to be as interesting as last month, and many of the clips seemed easy enough to provide a reasonable explanation for. February's video clip montage had much more unexplainable content.

In particular the glowing balls being dropped from a UFO over Bawsey Woods, Kings Lynn, United Kingdom looked a lot like flares coming from a helicopter at night. 

We would love to feature your UFO videos or photos, whether they be from northern Ontario, elsewhere in Canada or across the Northern Hemisphere. Click the link to Tell Us Your Story.

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