There’s a History of UFO Sightings North of the Border

Written by: The Overlord

Not all people consider UFO’s part of the paranormal, but around here we think it fits.

For decades, UFO’s have been linked to topics such as time travel, unexplained phenomenon (alleged abductions, crop circles etc.) and a host of other activities.

Unidentified Flying Object

To be clear, we do not believe that alien’s are visiting us, but we do agree that there are an awful lot of photos, videos and eye witness accounts that are difficult to explain.

Hence the name Unidentified Flying Objects. It’s the “unidentified” part that we do not debate.

A recent report shows that there were 986 reported sightings in 2011. The all time record for reported sightings is 1,004 sightings in 2004.

Canada’s history with UFO’s goes back decades. To 1947 to be exact. That’s the year that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Department of National Defence began receiving and taking note of reports of objects in the sky that people could not identify. 

Perhaps one of the most famous incidence occurred on May 20, 1967 in Falcon Lake Manitoba. Stephen Michalak, a prospector, reported a 35 foot in diameter silver object that he got so close to he was almost able to reach out and touch it.

Soon after the event Mr. Michalak becomes sick, and over the next few weeks he suffers from a variety of ailments from weight loss to headaches and blackouts. Within the year, he collapses and doctors find a series of burn marks on his chest.

To add to the mystery, Michalak’s doctors send him to the Mayo Clinic for tests. The Mayo Clinic claims they have no record of Stephen Michalak having been a patient.

What makes this story important is the amount of consistent detail, as well as, medical documentation seem to support the fact that Michalak experienced “something”. 

So does that mean that aliens, time travelers or some other life form is visiting our planet. That’s somewhat unlikely.

But, one thing is clear.....something unexplained is happening.

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Additional Links:

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** Photo courtesy of the following Wikipedia article on Unidentified flying object's and as is considered public domain.

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