Jay Callaghan's Light Pillars in Peterborough, Ontario

In today's world, this would not count as a Paranormal News story, but in days gone by, it certainly would have.

Jay Callaghan's picture of beams of light in the Peterborough, Ontario skies, February 25th, 2014

Jay Callaghan of Peterborough, Ontario took these stunning photos recently, posted them to his Facebook page.

According to Canoe News "Light pillars are a phenomenon that can occur when ice crystals in the atmosphere reflect light. In this case, the reflection was caused by the cold temperatures in the region overnight Tuesday and the city lights below."

Jay has witnessed this phenomenon before, but via email he told Canoe News “The ones yesterday morning were the strongest I have seen with the most vibrant colours.”

You can click here to read their full article.


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