Many People Aren't Surprised That Dyer's Bigfoot is a No Show

Ruck Dyer and Hank the Bigfoot

If you've followed Rick Dyer at all, this is likely no surprise to you. Dyer's alleged bigfoot corpse was not available to be shown at it's February 14th premiere at the International UFO Congress Conference and Film Festival.

Dyer claims that there was some confusion over the venue, and so this leg of the planned National Bigfoot Tour, which Dyer has nicknamed the "I Told You So Tour" has been postponed.

Dyer has previously admitted to being part of a 2008 bigfoot hoax, and his credibility has been questioned since.

Dyer's most recent claim is that he shot and killed a bigfoot, which he has since named "Hank" outside San Antonio Texas in 2012.

It remains to be seen if, err, well, there are any remains to be seen.

You can read more about this latest incident as reported by the Huffington Post by Clicking Here

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