Who struck Marc's father?

Submitted by: Marc Bois, Blind River, ON

My father had leukaemia and just before he ended up in the hospital there was him, my mother and myself watching T.V downstairs, he decided he was going to bed and I never let my father go to bed upstairs alone. So he was in bed and I was in my room doing some online gaming with some friends.marcBois01

All of a sudden, I could hear someone yelling my name, so I told my friends give me a second and took my headphones off. It was my dad yelling my name so I said what..he asked abruptly did you hit me..I said what?? and he said it an upset voice did you hit me! I told my friends I'd be right back and when I was walking to his room I told him ok dad I'm quick but not that quick to hit you and be in my room. I walked into his room laughing and reached for the light cord for his room light..as the light turned on.

I went from smiling to almost a shock look, every hair that could stand straight on my body was doing just that and I went from being warm to very cold very quick. I looked at my dad wide eyed and said ok who did you get angry. The following morning he told us what happened. He was sleeping in bed and all of a sudden got a very strong slap to the back of his head, he never spoke of it ever again after that, and he passed away that December in 2010.

Status: Unresolved

Tales of paranormal and otherworldly touches have been told for ages. This is not a claim of psychokinesis or telepathy. What Marc's father claimed was that he was hit in the back of the head, not that he moved anything or had communicated with someone through thought. 

Like many such claims it is impossible to prove one way or the other. Marc's submission above does not state that other physical occurrences or similar events have taken place before or since. Also, the main witness has passed away so we cannot ask him any questions either. 

But something tells us that Marc's submission is not a hoax. It could be simply that his father drifted off to sleep and had a very realistic dream. It could also be that a paranormal event took place. What's clear is that Marc's father was convinced someone, or something struck him that night.

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