Shadow People - Is Someone There?

Submitted by: Robin Allen, Timmins Ontario

I was in the bathroom and I walked out into the living-room and almost walked into a figure standing in the doorway watching my husband who was on the couch watching tv. I thought it was real, so I said Woh, excuse me.


Concept Photo, of a shadow person. Created by: ParaNorthern

My husband looked at me with a funny face and said what? I said I saw someone standing in the doorway. He said "OK (sarcastically). There is no one there, never was".

So someone was visiting our house and I think they were checking on my husband.

I had a few other occurrences in the house. Stuff falling that should have fell and woke us up from a dead sleep. I was alone in bed once, thought my husband sat on the bed next to me and I looked, nothing there.

Even my rabbit looks at the hall like a deer caught in headlights and stays looking parralized for a few minutes.

When my nephew was young, he would always stand looking up the stairs at something.

Status - Unexplained

The phenomenon of shadow people have been reported by people around the world. Some believe that these entities are malevolent, while some see them as guardians of a sort warning of trouble coming.

It's very difficult to explain occurrences such as this, as there is no physical proof. No photos or video. No footprints or any other evidence exist. Often people just dismiss these stories as hokum.

However, there are many stories from a wide variety of people who have similar stories, so it is difficult to simply brush them all off.

Manchester Paranormal Investigations has an article worth reading entitled "What are Shadow People?"

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