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Is This Photo Proof That Bigfoot & Humans Share A Common Ancestor?

Bigfoot researchers have long supposed that the legendary cryptid is a primate, and therefore related to modern humans.

Recently discovered photo examinations which originate from Shawnee, Oklahoma may hold an important clue.

William Bradley has long held an interest in Sasquatch. Himself a native of Shawnee, Bradley states that Oklahoma has long been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity.

Bradley claims to have multiple talents which have helped him discover the truth.

“We know they’re there,” says Bradley, “and it’s only a matter of time before we find one of their group.”

He goes on to note that a group of apes is called a “shrewdness” which Bradley says explains why they haven’t yet been found.

“It’s all right there in the name. People can’t just make that up,” Bradley argues. “You can’t just name an animal anything you want when you discover it.”

Chiming in, famed Bigfoot researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum has been quoted as saying “I sense a shift in attitude on the part of some of my colleagues, near and far. We have learned a great deal about the evolutionary and natural history of the great apes. We have learned a great deal about the evolution of hominin bipedalism.”

Bigfoot has made headlines off and on in Oklahoma.

News reports over the past few years, including the sounds of ‘Bigfoot Cries’ purported to be recorded in Oklahoma in 2015 can be found on the Cryptozoology News website

Some researchers say that they can hear what sound like words in audio recordings like this.

“It sounds like the word ‘Aprillinali’ being uttered over and over again,” Bradley says. “We wish we knew what that meant. If only we can translate it.”

There are many news reports from media outlets in Oklahoma that feature video clips which have also disappeared since their initial posting.

For example, on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013, Fox 25s Jay Dillon posted this article “Researchers claim to have video proof of bigfoot.”

Bradley claims this only adds to the mystery as it is inconceivable that someone would remove a video on their own.

“We believe that a shrewdness of Sasquatch may have control over YouTube, and are replacing real video evidence with obvious hoaxes,” he continues. “Sometimes they are even deleting them.”

But Bradley claims to have proof that Sasquatch sightings since 1987 may have increasingly had their origins come from Shawnee.

I don’t want to comment directly,” he says. “I want people to view the photo comparison and decide for themselves.”

Bradley provided a link to this photo.

We are unsure of Bradley’s talents. We have seen little that prove his claims, but just in case we’re wrong, we’d like to welcome any readers from the Bigfoot community in their own words.


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